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Advertise here for free.

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Why free - several reasons:

  • This site is run pretty much as a hobby at present rather than a business.
  • Despite what you may have heard elsewhere it doesn't cost much to run a site this size.
  • I hopefully make enough to cover my costs from other advertising on this site.
  • Most of the work for these small ads is handled automatically by the database, you register and enter your own advert so there is very little me to do.
  • Having small ads brings in users who click on our other adverts.

There are several other sites that offer free advertising and I would suggest you use them all that way you get the greatest possible coverage. However I would suggest you DO NOT put your email address in any advert (you will get spam for ever and a day). Most sites will hide your email address but still allow people to contact you via their servers, that way your email address is not revealed on the website. It is up to you weather you include a phone number in your advert.

In order to advertise you must be registered with us, that way at least we can ensure your email address is real.

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